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#TECHSESH 04 – Travel Essentials (Mindful Travel TV)

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This is our first official video together under Mindful Travel TV! I'll still be uploading my personal and individual projects on my personal YouTube channel of course, but I wanted to let you all know about Mindful Travel, the shared channel between my boyfriend Emil and I , where all of our projects together will live! Anything he and I do together will be uploaded to both my personal ThisBeautifuLife channel as well as our Mindful Travel TV channel. Sorry if this is confusing, I just wanted to update you guys! In[...]


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In this vlog I recap our adventures during my 24-hour layover in Amsterdam! Pls forgive the constant movement in the shots, I was trying to shoot while walking because I wanted to see as much as possible! A huge thank you to Jasper of Mophie, again, for lacing me up with the best Mophie gear to keep me powered up during all my travels, and for being such a great host and showing me around! #StayPowerful. Enjoy![...]

24 Hours and 25,000 Steps in Amsterdam.

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS My 24 hours in Amsterdam was a highly successful first trip to the city. A huge thank you to Jasper of Mophie for showering me with the best Mophie travel gear (Space Pack and Powerstation Plus 4x), and for showing me around and giving me the Cliff Notes version of a local's guide to the city. In my 7ish hours of daylight with him, he showed me Central Station, the Rijksmuseum, one of the two #IAMSTERDAM signs, the Red Light District, the Mophie Headquarters Garden, the Gentleman's Canal (amongst t[...]