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Video – My Skincare Routine

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I'm fairly new to the skincare world, but even in my short time getting into it all, I've definitely seen a noticeable improvement in my skin. From its texture and firmness to its moisture levels and overall tone, taking the extraΒ minutes in the morning and at night to care for my skin properly has been a great investment of both time and money. My best advice: don't wait as long as I did to get into it (I'm 32 and only just started a little less than a year ago). Starting early has its preventative measures and ensures[...]


My boyfriend Emil and I celebrated our first NYE together in Malta. A lot of people have asked how we decided on Malta, and the answer is simply that we googled "warmest places in Europe during Winter", and Malta was one of the options. Make no mistake, the climate isn't anything like countries around the equator during this season, but it's still certainly warm for Europe. Malta was once a part of Italy, and it was also once under British rule; so you'll find bits of Italian, British, even French influence in the citysc[...]

An Epic European Roadtrip.

A couple weeks ago I got to join in for half of an amazing roadtrip through Europe with an incredible group of new friends from London. Here's a recap of the trip, through Emil's lens. We'll be doing more videos together from this point on, so please subscribe to his channel as well if you feel inclined to follow along! I promise you this one is worth the watch. Enjoy![...]


I'm finally, finally back with another travel vlog! This past February I went to Maui with my best friend Mariane, and we had an absolutely amazing time. Thanks to the lovely locals that we met and made friends with during our time there, we got to experience the island in the best way. A big thank you to The Fairmont Kea Lani for the outstanding service and beautiful accommodation! Another huge thank you to Kawika's Hill and our Maalaea Beachfront accommodation as well, both listings were beautiful and helped make our s[...]


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I'm not really sure why you've chosen to follow along on my blog, but I suppose it could be for a number of reasons. Whether it be that you love adventure, you love laughter, you love geeking out, or you're just trying to find yourself like little ol' me, I am humbled by your presence and forever grateful for you. That said, this is a quick, fun little video I put together as a thank you to you - my readers, followers, and subscribers - simply for being here, and for being you. I may or may not be lipsync serenading you[...]


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In this vlog I recap our adventures during my 24-hour layover in Amsterdam! Pls forgive the constant movement in the shots, I was trying to shoot while walking because I wanted to see as much as possible! A huge thank you to Jasper of Mophie, again, for lacing me up with the best Mophie gear to keep me powered up during all my travels, and for being such a great host and showing me around! #StayPowerful. Enjoy![...]