Taking This With Me Everywhere.

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IMG_0308Pendleton recently sent me this amazing blanket, and I’ve now decided that it’s going to come with me on all major roadtrips and outdoor adventures. Pendleton is universally known for the quality of their woolen mills, but when you touch the fabric you can actually feel the difference. It becomes clear that it’s designed to withstand the elements, and it’ll tough any experience out right along with you – whether it be a camping trip, a music festival, a day at the beach, or an easy trip to the park. The fact that they design gorgeous patterns and colorways, is simply an added bonus on top of their core MO, which is a special attention to craftsmanship within every piece. If you’re looking for a trusty blanket to last you for several years to come, I highly suggest you check out Pendleton’s wide assortmentΒ here.

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