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TECH NEWS: 8TV – The True Future of Online Shopping.

TECH NEWS: 8TV – The True Future of Online Shopping.

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eightLogoI’ve so often looked for ways to make my blog and my YouTube videos more interactive; for easier, more efficient ways to talk about the products that I use and love without having to create really long, drawn-out videos that require a ton of effort to produce. I’m super happy to say that I’ve partnered up with an amazing new app that’s provided the perfect solution to this pain point – 8TV. Not only can their technology be used to create shoppable video, but it can be used in so many other creative ways, which I’ll demonstrate in this post. It’s a really new app that’s about to be huge (trust me), so I wanted you to know about it first.

8TV essentially gives influencers and sellers a simple, straightforward platform to talk about products, whether it be specialized products or products they use in their daily lives. 8TV is fully integrated with Amazon, EBay, Etsy, Poshmark, and Letgo, so you can talk about and post just about anythingΒ while making money off of every product you sell through each site’s respective affiliate program. I, personally, love being able to whip my phone out while I’m on the go, and share what travel/tech product I’m using and why; quite frankly because people ask me about these things all the time. While text comments and links can be effective in sharing a product and its attributes, I find that 8TV‘s platform really allows me to get personal with it, which matters a lot.Β 

But what do I mean exactly? Allow me to show you in a few easy steps, just make sure you’re viewing this blog post from your computer first.

  1. Download the 8TV (Eight) app.
  2. Quickly create a profile (takes 30 seconds).
  3. Open the camera within the app and simply hold it up to this handy QR code on the right, and it should scan automatically.

If you did that correctly, a little “Easter egg” video clip of me saying hello should have popped up on your phone, with a product attached (in this case, the product was the Mala set from Humanity Unified, because if you follow me you know that I work heavily with this nonprofit org)! Amazing right?? I’m sincerely so fascinated by this app and its technology and I can’t wait to figure out all the fun ways to use it. Hopefully you now have a profile on 8TV and are following along. If you are, thank you so much and welcome to the 8TV family! Please comment below with your username so I can find you on there. You’ll notice that I already have a number of videos on my profile talking about a handful of the travel products I love, and I discover and use new products regularly, so you can expect to see at least 2-3 new posts each week from me.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you so that you’d be one of the first to know about this, and so that you can use it whenever you’re perusing my blog or my YouTube videos from here on out! Little bit of exciting news, my next YouTube video on Travel Essentials (which is going up tomorrow) will be featuring a bunch of these QR codes so that you can get to know the products and read about them right on your phone as you watch! You’ll see what I mean. πŸ˜‰

Thanks again for being a #BEAUTIFULIFER. You amazing people truly make the journey worth it. Much love, and see you tomorrow!


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