#TECHSESH 06 – Riding Around With Superpedestrian

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Superpedestrian recently blessed me with one of their amazing bicycles with a Copenhagen Wheel, and I couldn’t be happier with them! I’d been looking into getting a bicycle to ride around San Francisco with for a while, and I could never quite find the one I felt was perfect for me – and that’s when Superpedestrian found me. The red part you see on the back wheel contains incredible technology for assisted riding. It learns your movements and the way you ride, and the enhances those movements to amplify your pedal power up to 10x. It’s not a fully electric wheel, so don’t expect to be cruising around with zero effort. You still have to pedal and you still have to work; it just allows you to pedal farther and faster while scaling steeper hills because of the assistance. The wheel also comes with an app that tracks your rides and all pertinent details – like distance traveled, duration of travel, average speed, and calories burned – encouraging and active and healthy lifestyle.

To top it off, because this amazing product makes cycling around so much easier, it can completely replace your car for getting around reasonable distances, thus reducing your carbon footprint. An amazing product that also helps the environment? Count me all the way in.

Watch the video for all the info, and make sure to check them out at Superpedestrian.com, follow them @CopenhagenWheel, and download their app when you get a wheel of your own!

Thank you so much to Superpedestrian for sponsoring this post and gifting me my bicycle and Copenhagen Wheel. All opinions are entirely my own.

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