The Heartache in Moving

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Movement is important. But the direction in which you move is paramount. I made a move in the right direction.

Moving and uprooting yourself can be really tough, but stagnancy and complacency are a slow death. I had been living in the Valley of LA for 2.5 years before I made the recent move to downtown LA, and believe me when I say I haven’t looked back. Don’t get me wrong, the apartment I lived in previously will always have a piece of my heart, as well as the kind and humble business owners that populated the surrounding area; but downtown is where I need to be.

I thrive here. I woke up at 7:30am this morning (as I do every morning) to the sun peeking through my huge industrial windows, kissing my skin ever so sweetly with just the right touch of warmth; no alarm clock needed. Currently, I am perched in my iron and wood vintage school desk, and as I write this blog entry while sipping on my chai latte from the Aussie restaurant downstairs, I repeatedly gaze out of my window at the people moving about on the streets so purposefully, and I fall in love with the hustle and bustle. I can hear the buses, the cars, the yelling, the honking, and it all somehow soothes me while simultaneously instilling a sense of alertness. From time to time I hear the blaring firetruck sirens blaze past my window, and every single time I do, I consider them my wake-up calls. They remind me that I am fortunate, and that I must remain perpetually grateful for my entire existence, because there are always others in the world who are victims of tragic circumstance. And equally as important, they remind me that I must never put my goals off or aside, because there is no telling when I might be the one that those firetrucks are coming for.

I rise inspired, happy, and thankful every single day, because I have a space to live and work in that motivates me to act now. Because what else am I waiting for? I love to shoot, I have a beautiful loft to do so in. I love to write, blog, and maintain all social media, I have the wifi to do so. I love to edit and design, and I am lucky enough to have my personal and work laptops, both with all the programs I need to manifest my visions into reality. I love to eat, and there are a million places to eat (and eat well) within walking distance or only a few minutes drive away. I love to get creative with my fashion and decor when I have the means; well, now I live in the fashion district. That means that fabric stores, trims and accessories stores, as well as almost all the fashion, shoes, and home decor shops to get great items for so-cheap-it’s-silly, are all within arm’s reach.

To be clear, I’m not bragging by any means. Quite the opposite, I’m merely expressing my extreme humble and boundless gratitude to the universe and its higher power, for helping me put myself in a place in which I have all the tools I need to make my dreams come true, no excuses. It’s been a long time coming, and there are those who know, that it hasn’t always been this way for me. All the material things I could ever want are right here, in my neighborhood…all the inspiration I seek is everywhere around me, permeating my veins…but most importantly, all the will, ambition, and drive that I need, is right here, in me…in my mind, and in my heart. I am blessed, no less.

I promise the universe…that I will do what it is that I need to do, to become who it is that I need to be, to give back to it, all that it has given to me.

Oh, and I make that promise to myself as well. :)

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