The Ideal Sunday Funday.

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This past Sunday was spent with my most loved ones (just missing mom) by the pool at dad’s house. It was the perfect way to get my quality time with them in before the treacherous (I might be exaggerating) flight home to LA. Whenever we’re with our parents, we’re kind of insanely spoiled. You know when you’ve reached that age and point in your lives where you parents just want you around and will do anything to lure you in, versus when you were an irresponsible teenager and they just wanted you and all the burden you bore out of their sight? Yea, we’re at that age now. We are fed endless amounts of delicious food, tempted with ideas of pool parties and movie nights in, even provided with a surplus of liquor so long as we stay the night so we don’t have to drive or stay long enough to sober up. Needless to say, we are happy to oblige. It’s really nice to feel like a carefree kid again and to be taken care of every once in a while.

Turned the shutter speed way up on my camera to snap some cool action shots in the pool. Enjoy!



Jori snatching the beer right out of Dan’s hands on his way into the pool. LOL.

IMG_8137 IMG_8188 IMG_8169

The guys acting like dolphins being fed.

IMG_8082 IMG_8058
I made Zach do all of these.

IMG_8056 IMG_8055 IMG_8207 copy
IMG_8269 IMG_8260 IMG_8196 IMG_8088 IMG_8078 IMG_8077 IMG_8069 IMG_8063 IMG_8061 IMG_8060

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    Lovely Day.
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