The List (A Very Special List) – JM & Sons, Neverest Outfitters, Amaroq Design, Yamamoto Industries, Androgyny Design, & Suspended Jewelry.

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Upon the relaunch of my blog, I’ve been fortunate enough to partner up with a number of brands that I love and respect to curate a special experience for my readers, and I’m calling it “THE LIST“. The reason it is a special experience is because the brands have been kind enough to provide a discount code specifically for my readers to use when purchasing their amazing products, and this list will continue to grow! I’ve carefully selected each brand and have chosen to highlight them for very specific reasons which I’ll touch on briefly in this post, but I highly encourage you to follow the links and read more about each of them on their websites. I’ve selected them because I respect their craftsmanship, their vision and concepts, and their brand message.

2E5P8175JM & SONS (@jmandsons) |  This homeware based brand makes their furniture from beautiful wood and metal sourced  near their hometown. What I love so much about them is how clean and simple their designs are, and yet it is apparent how much thought and intricate craftsmanship goes into each piece. Think industrial meets the most stylish woodsman ever. They also have a small range of  leather goods and workwear that live up to the same quality standards as their furniture.


Neverest Outfitters (@neverestoutfitters) | What I love about this brand is their Heritage Promise. The Heritage Promise acts as a warranty because each piece is made by hand. They guarantee that if anything comes undone by natural wear and tear, they will fix it, because these bags are made to last. They embrace the natural variations in material/textiles/hardware rather than eliminating them. The final detail that I love about their products is there is a handwritten portion of the tag inside every bag that is written once it is ready to be shipped. This guarantees the unique touch of hand with every step, which I believe is a huge part in connecting great people through great product.


Amaroq (@amaroqdesigns) | When I first saw this designer’s headpieces I was blown away. They took me to a place far from reality, as I scrolled through her images I was enchanted and swept away to a dreamlike mental space for at least an hour. These pieces are nothing short of Game-of-Thrones-worthy and I had the absolute pleasure of shooting in some of my favorite ones this weekend. The crowns are so gorgeous I would want to find every reason ever to wear one out in public. I promise you you’ll see me on the streets one day in everyday attire and an Amaroq crown. No big deal.


Yamamoto Industries (@yamamotoind) | This US/Japan based phone and tablet accessories company has been the only company to dress my iPhone for at least 3 years now. They make unique and quality phone cases with a wide variety of textures/prints/styles, so there’s something for everyone. They also make stylish charging cords that are compatible with both iPhones and Androids, and they have a growing list of speakers as well. I constantly check their site to see what goodies they have in store, because they’re constantly coming up with awesome new products.

A+N+D+R+O+G+Y+N+Y+2+0+1+5+(3+of+60)Androgyny Design (@androgynydesign) | This designer creates the perfect dainty and minimalistic jewelry to complement any outfit. The clean designs allow for incredible versatility in wearability, and each piece is unique in form/shape. These are your key to classing up any ensemble.

SuspendedJewelry6 (1)Suspended Jewelry (@suspendedjewelry) | This line of statement necklaces is your one stop shop for anything earthy and textured. I love the big bold shapes and the wide range of materials they use in every piece. I appreciate wood in any way shape or form, and thanks to this brand, it can be worn around the neck.

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