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The List Continues (Pt. 3) – Capsule Parfums.

The List Continues (Pt. 3) – Capsule Parfums.

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You know when you’re wearing a new perfume and you can smell yourself all day because your nose isn’t accustomed to it yet? This has been me, all day, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Today I introduce Capsule Parfums onto THE LIST, and I’m sorry Versace Bright Crystal, but I think I may have found myΒ new potion. I had first discovered Capsule when I stumbled into a store called Poketo here in LA, and although I didn’t snag a bottle, I hadn’t forgotten them since.Β Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory after all. Even though I didn’t remember the specific name of the fragrance after I left, it lingered on in my mind and I longed to bathe in it. Upon visiting Capsule Parfums‘ website and reading the descriptions of each fragrance in their collection, it was clear which one it was that I fell in love with: JAUNT. The description is as follows, “Sweet, woodsyΒ accord with black vanilla, rose, orchid, ylang ylang, tobacco leaf, cedar“. That’s easily the most seductive one-liner about a fragrance that I’ve ever read. You had me at “woodsy”.

Today, I’ve reunited with JAUNT (huge thanks to Capsule Parfums)Β and I can’t help but constantly bring my wrists to my nose to indulge in its musky, warm, “woodsy” notes. What makes me love this brand even more is that their scents are unisex/androgynous and can be mixed and matched, so they offer duo’s to stimulate different feelings. That, and their minimalist, chic packaging that does so much, by doing so little. I highly encourage you to check them out and follow them on instagram (@capsuleparfums).

Don’t forget to use code “BEAUTIFULIFE10” when shopping to receive 10% off your entire purchase. I’ll be reviewing the other 4 fragrances a little later. For now, I leave you with the opening line of their “About” section on their website:

Capsule Parfums is an independent collective practicing art in the visceral realm of olfactory expression“.

Consider me obsessed.

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  1. Jess
    April 11, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    I love what you’ve been doing with your blog so much! I follow a number of blogs but you truly offer a unique experience because you take the time to curate these brands for your readers! Plus of course love your fashion/adventure posts. Thx to u!

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