“The Power of Imagery.”

This 1-minute piece is Emil‘s entry into the Sony’s competition for the FS7 ii, and the top 10 videos with the most views/likes will then move forward to be judged for content quality. In other words, your views, likes, and re-shares would mean the world!

During our time in Rwanda with Humanity Unified a couple weeks ago, Emil made this beautiful 1-minute mini documentary about The Power of Imagery and its ability to transport someone from their couch or seat to the ground in Rwanda so that they, too, can be as inspired by the incredible communities there as we are. Before this age of social media and before cameras became more accessible, many of the tragic and remarkable stories of the underserved were left untold. Now, with the help of digital media and our tools for creation, we can better serve the purpose of providing a window into this world – a world that is equally full of love and life as it is impoverished, a place too beautiful to be left unseen, and a community that surely needs us, but that we need equally as much, if not more so. It is they who remind us of what truly matters in life.

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