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IMG_8310 IMG_8291 IMG_8340 IMG_8328 IMG_8332 IMG_8329 IMG_8325 IMG_8319Touched down here in Trinidad & Tobago on Sunday. There are no words to describe the splendor and beauty that is and is within this island of Tobago. Everywhere we go, everywhere we look, we are immersed in culture, humility, and an incredible sense of community and belonging. We are so grateful for our Airbnb host Adam, and the 3 local young men, who have all adopted us, taken us in as some of their own, and educated us on their village and their ways of life so that we can exist harmoniously within their homeland, and address everyone properly and respectfully. Here, everyone says hello to each other and acknowledges each other’s presence – such a nice change from the segregation and “clique-y” behavior we have back home. Once you say hello, the locals appreciate your warmth, and you can be sure that you are welcomed. In light of this, the girls and I have been practicing the gesture vigorously, and it’s been an invaluable piece of advice that I plan on carrying with me for the rest of my life. More in depth posts to come. Wearing a Faithfull the Brand playsuit, FarylΒ Robin x Free People Booties, Stunner Collective accessories, and a shell choker that I purchased here.

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