Traveling in Style With Gabbiano Luggage.

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I never thought I’d actually really care about what my luggage looked like, because for the most part, the only people who really see you when you travel are the TSA and airline workers – no need to impress there. But functionality, durability, and security have always mattered to me. Travel can be quite the hassle on its own, so the last thing I want or need is luggage that slows me down or is too easily accessible (and I’ve had both). Thanks to the heavy amount of traveling I’ve done this year, I’ve tested various sizes and types of luggage, and I now know exactly what I want. My new Gabbiano Vintage Collection luggage hits all the marks. In addition to its functionality, the real bonus is that this luggage actually looks great too, so it serves as an extension of my personal style and taste when I travel. The icing on the cake? At $560 for a full 3-piece set (or for even $250 on Amazon!), you can grab a whole set without breaking the bank. It’s affordable. No complaints here.

Now for the fun part. Let’s go over the essential elements that I look for in my luggage that Gabbiano delivers on.

  1. 4 large spinner wheels – that means all 4 wheels spin in all directions so that maneuvering the bags through the airport and on the streets is as painless as possible whether you’re walking leisurely or in a rush. I also prefer them larger as I’ve found that they support the weight better and are easier to roll in general.
  2. TSA combination locks – really easy to customize the combination, and while secure, also easy to unlock for quick access.
  3. Hard case – I’ve tried both soft and hard cases and at the end of the day, hard cases are my favorite. In my opinion, when you pack most soft cases tightly, they can end up imbalanced with more weight on the front where all the additional pockets are, so it makes rolling them while standing on all 4 wheels pretty annoying. Even when stationary, I find that they tip. But hard cases keep the weight even and balanced, and they keep everything in its place. They also protect all your precious contents better. I’ve had things arrive broken in soft cases but never in hard cases.
  4. Durability – this means everything from the handles and the shell, to the wheels and the zippers, I need to know that my luggage can handle wear and tear. Because the packing, unpacking, walking, pulling, pushing, lifting, dropping and dragging that travel requires definitely isn’t pretty.
  5. Ample storage – I can be great at packing tightly when need be, but for that to happen, organization is a must. Since hard cases don’t have pockets on the outside, I always look for a lot of pockets on the inside dividers so that I can keep things under control.
  6. Lightweight – being that this set is ABS with polycarbonate film, I know that I can comfortably pack a hefty amount of belongings without going over the TSA weight limitations. This is a huge relief for me since I travel with a decent amount of accessories and electronics that tend to add up to a lot.

I’m always looking for the most efficient way to travel, and now I can be both efficient and stylish. So ready to put some miles on my new 21-inch and 25-inch hard cases! Thank you Gabbiano for the pieces, they’re gorgeous!

All photos by Emil Walker.

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