TRINIDAD & TOBAGO – Photo Recap.

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Few and far between, you come across once in a lifetime experiences that change you forever. This entire trip was one of those for me. For a week I lived in a dream, where every waking moment was filled with beauty, wonder, inspiration, and a sense of freespirited adventure in its truest form. I never knew what the day ahead of me would hold, but as each one unfolded it would sweep me up in spontaneity.

We planned nothing – we were just along for the ride. The girls and I had an overarching sense of what we wanted to do there, but we hadn’t pre-booked any activities. We hadn’t pre-booked anything other than our Airbnb and rental car really, and that ended up being the best way to go about things. The universe conspired to bring the right people into our lives who would show us a side of the islands that we had only hoped to see, and more. Every tour or activity we had planned on having to pay to partake in, we partook in for free, thanks to the locals. We fed them, because it was only right and it was the least we could do, but they asked for nothing in return. The locals (including our Airbnb host Adam) showed us unsurmountable hospitality and warmth, and I will forever be grateful for them and their positive vibrations.

In my opinion, the 20’s are selfish and naive decade. They’re spent doing things in the service of self, or in the blind service of others because we don’t know any better, and that’s totally fine. It’s how we learn. They’re spent “losing yourself to find yourself”, and by that we mean losing your sense of self in order to reidentify yourself and redefine yourself. As I stated in my video, what this birthday meant for me, what this new chapter/decade means for me, and what I took away from this trip – is that losing myself no longer means losing my “sense” of self. With a heightened sense of self-awareness at 30, and as an individual rooted in self-love, I am now more ready than ever to lose myself in feelings, in thoughts, and in ideas, while still remaining true to myself and the person that I’ve become. 30 doesn’t mean you stop learning though, it just means you have your foundation laid out, and it only gets better from here.

Is 30 the new 20 then, you ask? Nah. Let 20 keep the 20’s, you’ve outgrown them. 30 is the new 30. Be proud of it, own it, feel it. The view is lovely from up here.

All photos by myself and Diane Abapo of Suspend Mag. View the rest of the photos when you click on “CONTINUE READING”.

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  • Nevis
    December 5, 2016

    Great photos. I’ve only visited Trinidad once, but it’s such a gorgeous city that I’m dying to return, hopefully it will happen soon!

    • arnellelozada
      December 14, 2016

      Thank you! It was definitely such an amazing place, I hope you get to make your way back soon! :)

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