Well Done.

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IMG_2699 IMG_2698 IMG_2697 IMG_2696 IMG_2704 IMG_2703 IMG_2702 IMG_2701 IMG_2700One way to accentuate your newly super-tan “well-done” skin is to wear a slightly less tan jumpsuit. 😉 Wore this lovely Abella Jumpsuit from Sabo Skirt while roaming around Bali one day. It’s really long on my petite self so a chunky heel is a must. The simplicity in its design make it really easy to dress up and accessorize. I spruced it up with my straw fedora (I literally bring one of these everywhere), my Nine West heels, this gorgeous handmade “Bali” bag (that I’m hosting a giveaway for here on my blog, details to come this wk on my newsletter!), my B-Low the Belt Bri-Bri belt, and my stacked accessories from Androgyny Design, Stunner Collective, Young Frankk and Rose Gypsy.

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    Brunch in Bali.