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It’s so funny to me that I was so adamant about moving away from San Francisco when I did, always saying that I could no longer stand it, because it was getting too small for me – and yet, almost every single blog entry I’ve posted since I launched my website, has taken place in SF. Not only that, but the photos I post allude to the grandeur of the city…quite the opposite of the way I felt about it when I left.

Maybe it’s because I no longer live there that I appreciate it more. Maybe it’s because my boyfriend isn’t from SF but resides there, so the way he loves it with such a new love influences my attitude towards it.Β Maybe it’s because I now wander its streets in love, and being in love is like seeing with new eyes. Regardless of what it may be, the point is it’s brand new to me now. I’ve realized that life has officially hit the refresh button for me and I’m starting on a clean(ish) slate. It’s a beautiful thing.

This weekend was jam packed with eventfulness. The SF Wedding Fair, the Exploratorium, a festival in Chinatown, soooo much good food (dim sum, vietnamese, and home cooked), and an evening with Zach‘s old coworkers at El Techo and some snazzy bar right next to it playing a blown out and creepy (but interesting) erotic movie.

Zach is totally my favorite person in the entire world to adventure with and geek out with, which is convenient, since he’s my boyfriend.

The rest were taken with my phone…duh.





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