Win a Trip For Two to Tequila, Mexico!

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If you follow along on my Instagram (hopefully you do), you know that last month I, along with an amazing group of fellow travelers and shooters, took a very special trip to Tequila, Mexico in partnership with Tequila Tourism, National Geographic, and Aeromexico. During that trip we had the privilege of experiencing all that the town has to offer, and we learned that “Tequila” is so much more than just an alcoholic beverage. From a visit of the agave farms at sunrise with a breakfast on the field, touring the Jose Cuervo distillery and having the incredible honor of drinking Tequila Reserva De La Familia straight from the barrel, and being gifted our own custom mixed and wax-sealed bottle of tequila, to Mariachi bands at almost every meal and horseback riding for hours with the locals – all of these things and more, made this one of the most culturally significant trips I’ve ever had the pleasure of embarking on. I’ll never drink tequila the same way ever again.

Well, my dearest #BeautifuLifers, I have some fantastic news – it’s YOUR turn to have the same unforgettable experience that I did in Tequila, Mexico! You can enter to win a FREE trip like ours for two, and fall madly in love with the beautiful town just like I did. And trust me, you will. :) I highly encourage you to enter, because I’d love to be able to share the experience with you! If you win, pls tag me in all of your photos, I’d love to see.

To enter, simply CLICK HERE! Best of luck to you all! <3

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