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I recently partnered up with Wisewear to try one of their smart bracelets, and I couldn’t be happier with it. It has a ton of features, more than most smart jewelry, and it’s gorgeous to boot. It’s a piece that I actually want to wear with my everyday attire because it goes so well with the accessories I wear daily. In addition to its vibration notifications to alert you when you have important phone calls/texts/emails, one of my favorite features about it is its activity tracking feature that makes it easy to monitor all the hiking/walking I do while traveling. It can be hard to keep track of things like calories burned, steps taken, and distance traveled while on the go, so I really love that Wisewear makes it so effortless. It also has a distress messaging feature that sends out a discreet text to the people of your choice if ever need be, which gives me peace of mind because I so often wander through strange places on my own. My Wisewear bracelet has definitely become one of my favorite travel companions for all of these reasons, serving as an extremely functional addition to my accessory collection that genuinely complements my style. The style I chose is the Kingston in Palladium. Make sure you check out all of their beautiful and stylish choices, there’s surely something for everyone.

Photos by Emil Walker. Taken at our bungalow at Coco Beach Island Resort in Puerto Galera.

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