Work Week is Over and I’m Daydreaming.

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It’s Friday evening and thankfully I’ve put an intense work week behind me, my apologies for my absence this week! I’m currently seated in the sky, on a plane to San Francisco, and I’m so excited to be home for a bit with family. Earlier this week I discovered the work of photographer Kristofer Johnsson who specializes in interiors and tablescapes, and I was mesmerized. The set designers and stylists he works with are immensely talented, and he captures their work immaculately. I don’t think many people realize how hard it is to capture these types of settings so perfectly. It calls upon a ridiculous amount of attention to detail and patience, not to mention a keen eye for angles, lighting, spacing, and composition. Not a single trinket looks out of place, the weight and emphasis are even across all the planes, and every element, no matter how large or small, is deliberately placed. His photos have my mind spinning with so many inspired thoughts and ideas about the many ways to expand on the gorgeous neutral colorways he works with.


Kristofer_Johnsson_0641I haven’t been able to get enough of neutrals lately. Nudes, peaches, and even really muted salmons, rose golds, and corals have been drawing my eye, even though I dislike the color pink, and they’re considerably close to it.

I bought the two below pairs of Nine West shoes this week (go figure), and they arrived last night. I couldn’t be happier with them. I swear I’m obsessed with Nine West now, because of how comfortable their heels are. I was actually wearing my white pumps at the airport, and that was previously absolutely unheard of coming from me! I love the cut-away detail on the white pair and the gold tip detail on the nude.


The interior lobby of the Hilton Pattaya Hotel is absolutely gorgeous. Daydreaming of my next travel destination.





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