You Should Be Dating the Most Beautiful Person In the World.

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It has always been a very firm and steadfast belief of mine that you should be dating the most beautiful person in the world. Exactly what I mean by that is going to take a bit of explaining, so let’s dive in. First and foremost, I’m not simply saying you should be dating say Chris Hemsworth or Natalie Portman, because while those two human beings are absolutely stunning (and by universal appeal could be considered some of the most beautiful people in the world by appearance alone and beyond), as I mentioned in my last post, beauty isn’t only skin deep.

As people and as individuals, we share some common viewpoints and interests, but we are also incredibly unique with very specific, diverse, and individualistic needs and desires. In my opinion, the combination of those unique desires and needs makes the type of person we are truly compatible with, very different from the next. When you find someone, a partner who truly loves you, inspires you, motivates you, and cherishes you, there is such beauty emitted from the sheer depth and sincerity of that connection alone, that in turn illuminates that partner with an aura that just screams “beautiful”. Top that off with their quirks, ticks, and idiosyncrasies that you both adore and lovingly despise about them, those little things that make them imperfect but so perfect for you, and you have the formula for what your eyes alone see as true beauty. Then, not only are they effulgent and radiating such light that they become the most beautiful person in the world to you (if they weren’t already), but your relationship with them is beautiful, and last but most importantly, you become the most beautiful person you’ve ever been as well. I sincerely believe this is what happens in true love.

This is definitely not to say that love is all roses and rainbows and unicorn babies, all I’m saying is that I believe when you are truly in love with someone, they are all you have eyes for, and vice versa. So even if you were to pass the Chris Hemsworths and Natalie Portmans on the street (not like humans that good looking are mass produced anyway), even if you can acknowledge those people are attractive – let’s face it, there are some undeniable beauties out there – you still believe the person you are with is the most beautiful in your eyes.

Some might call me a hopeless romantic. I completely disagree, because I’m not just “in love with love”, I’m in love with MY love – “my love” being my partner. Meaning the only reason I am even in a relationship with the person I am with at any given point, is because I believe they are the most beautiful person in the world.

Before I close this out, allow me to clarify a few things.

1. Your opinion on who the most beautiful person in the world is, is going to shift and evolve as life happens and as circumstances unfold, so I don’t think you should feel stuck with anyone because they are the most beautiful person in the world to you and that’s that. Sometimes, a person can be the most beautiful person for you/to you, for that particular time in your life, and when that time is up, your heart will find its way to the person who is most compatible, and most beautiful to your evolved eyes, and this is completely natural.

2. I’m not saying it’s obligatory to feel that the person you’re dating is the most beautiful person in the world, so don’t pretend or say it if isn’t true. I’m simply saying that if you don’t already genuinely feel that way, then maybe you’re settling, and I’ve never been a fan of settling. That might sound mean, but it’s not, because I can guarantee you there is someone in the world who will find that same person that you don’t feel that way about, to be the most beautiful person in the world, and that’s who they should be with anyway. This goes both ways, this goes all ways. I’m simply saying don’t settle. I’m also simply saying I believe in a love that doesn’t stray, that finds the most undefinable beauty in the person you’re with, here and now.

I’m simply saying you should be dating the person you feel is the most beautiful person in the world.

I hope I explained this concept of mine well enough. Feel free to start up discussion in the comments section! I would love to hear your feedback.


Cheers to love, cheers to beauty, cheers to life.

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