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Young Lady.

Young Lady.

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In my recent style ventures, there’s only been 1 thing on my mind: dress like a woman because I’m about to be 30 years old this year. I’m actually honestly excited to turn 30, because it’ll be the mark of a new chapter in life for me; a right of passage into true womanhood. No more being young and reckless, and no more excuses. For the most part, I’ve been there, done that, and I’m both proud and excited to move on from my 20’s.Β Age is earned. I firmly believe that no matter how mature you think you are in your mid 20’s, there is a growth that comes with life experiences and with time, that is both irreplaceable and unrecognizable until you’ve actually been through it.

So how does one begin to dress appropriately for such a momentous coming of age? I’m still figuring it out, but here’s one thing I’ve learned so far. You find ways to take pieces that can be worn by all ages (like a pair of gorgeous and well-fitted denim shorts), and you pair them with more refined fabrics and silhouettes, like this beautiful Pendleton Pieced Pullover. The neutral colorblocking is subdued and the shape of the blouse is tapered at the waist to accentuate your womanly curves. The cap sleeves give it a slightly dressier feel than if it wereΒ sleeveless, while still keeping it casual. And lastly, the fabric content, cotton front and cotton/linen sides and back, make it breathable and perfectly draped, a great Spring/Summer staple. I topped it all off with clean pumps, a suede large-brim fedora in my favorite color, an off-white blazer, and an off-white braided belt to pull the look together.

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